DeeDee Austin, a 15-year-old [Now 18] musician from Fall River, N.S., used stories from her great-grandmother’s experience at Shubenacadie Indian Residential School to write a song honouring the victims and the survivors of the system. She surprised a group of survivors in We’koqma’q First Nation by showing up at their summer gathering to sing the song live.” - SaltWire News

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"The 15-year-old’s [18 now]  song, based on the stories her mother has shared with her about her grandmother’s experiences at residential school, begins with the words: The group, which has been meeting monthly for 18 years to support one another in their healing journeys, first heard DeeDee Austin’s song “Buried Truth” when Andrea Currie, the psychotherapist who has worked with the group since its inception, shared it in the group’s online chat."

June 2022